CT Scan of the latest version 10.8

CT Scan of the latest version 10.8

(1) 100% accuracy;
(2) the entire process of automatic identification of just 0.3 seconds;
(3) Automatic identification of background color is no need to consider playing
(4) to a one-time analysis of a total of 108 two poker, up to 27 square cards issued
(5) can be removed on one, and then continue to analyze the next one, until the play in the end;
(6) arbitrary, can be divided into the door of life and death, can control winning or losing
(7) the right touch of victory in their grasp;
(8) computer intelligence analysis, background can be with remote operation;
(9) cards do not need to put a very neat, the system has an automatic correction function
(10) for a variety of long distance (hidden type) focusing lens;

Automatic error correction function, not leaking Zhang, without make up cards, do not adjust zoom ratio, without orientation program box, poker skew, loose, bounce, confusion, stacked irregularly, the analysis accuracy rate of 100%!  Just 0.3 seconds you can accurately analyze the color points per card, size, and can automatically analyze "death gate"!  This system is absolutely beyond the peers and the market analysis of all computer software!
Functional Description
Any site, any light, without restriction, friendly interface, the boot can be preset before the person himself or his associates get the maximum points cards, simple to learn and use, the touch of Intelligent Analyzer 0.3 seconds accurate analysis of the size of each card, counting, time to "follow" and "not with" decision, while playing color automatic identification tips; (analysis system can be set to play a variety of color ways) will be distributed to the maximum point of accuracy themselves or associates who can work in the busy home life and death fight the door!  The system performance is absolutely beyond the peers of similar products, is the only exclusive first: that the makers can control the color play, leisure life and death at home to play the door; arbitrary input can be controlled Which poker lean intelligent analysis system.

This product is suitable for the following games are played

 5 Bull (Taurus), two small 9, 9:30, poker 28 bars, earth bar, Excellencies, Jinhua, instigate Kazakhstan, 4 (clip clip Po), 13; and many other parts of games are played .  Also based on customer needs, different parts of the poker games are played to increase the corresponding algorithm.  Custom development of software analysis system, welcomed the new and old customers to visit our company inspection, and more valuable advice!


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